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Can You See Yourself Working As a Chef?
The Culinary Field Offers Plenty of Opportunity
Beginning Chefs Can Get Started Fairly Quickly
You Just Need to Get the Right Training

Culinary Training

The culinary arts is a great career field. Is it right for you?

Have you ever thought about becoming a professional chef and working at a fancy restaurant, hotel or bakery? If you have, you can get the training you need to get started at one of these great jobs by enrolling at a local culinary school.

It's dinner time and the restaurant is busyThese established cooking schools have the experience, professional instructors and resources to teach you the skills necessary to become a chef, baker or caterer.

And if you see yourself managing a restaurant or nightclub rather than working in the kitchen, several schools also offer programs in restaurant or hospitality management.

Classes are usually taught by respected, industry-trained and currently working chefs. And they are offered in commercial industry-standard kitchens.

Some of the typical class subjects include general culinary skills, grilling, baking, pastry making, garnishing, menu planning, kitchen etiquette, catering, business operations and management.

An experienced restaurant kitchen staff hums with productivityOther than a few schools that offer a four-year Bachelor Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, most programs can be completed in well under two years.

Many schools have internships where you can get real-world experience, plus most have personalized career placement assistance for you as you graduate.

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