These young cooks are working on their culinary skills at a great restaurant
Professional Chef Can Be a Great Career for the Right Person
The Culinary Arts Field is Always Looking for Good Candidates
Most Entry-Level Positions Don't Require a Four-Year Degree
You Can Get the Training You Need To Get Started Fast


Is a career in the culinary arts something you are considering?

Perhaps you have thought of becoming a expert chef and managing a high-class restaurant or pastry shop? If you have, you can quickly begin the education you will need to get established at one of those ideal jobs by applying at a good and affordable cooking college.

This Virginia Beach cook makes a good salad too Many of these proven cooking colleges provide trained, practiced trainers and up-to-date learning kitchens to show you the knowledge and techniques essential to help you become a beginning chef, baker or catering planner.

And if you would rather be taking care of a restaurant or nightclub as opposed to working right in a kitchen, various colleges present diploma programs in restaurant or hospitality administration.

Instructional classes are mostly taught by highly regarded, well-trained and professional chefs. And courses are delivered in conventional restaurant-like kitchens.

A few of the typical class topics may include standard cooking technique development, grilling, baking, dessert making, wine and spirits, food safety, kitchen procedures, health codes, food purchasing and management.

This new chef is preparing something new Apart from the colleges that deliver a complete undergraduate diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Administration, the large majority of degree programs should be achieved in under a year or two.

Nearly all these specialty schools maintain internships so students can benefit from real job experience, and almost all feature private career placement aid for you after you graduate graduate.

Spend a minute and take a look at one or two of the good schools and classes located near your town. Find a program near you and view the possible job prospects in your area.

Put in your zip code into our database search box down below. This short list can get you started:

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  • Program areas include Culinary Arts, Culinary Management, and more
  • Students are taught cooking styles from around the globe, including Classical European, Asian, and Latin cuisine
  • Curriculum designed to prepare students for a career as a chef, with course topics that include Culinary Techniques, Management by Menu, and Nutrition
  • Alumni have appeared in reality competition shows such as Top Chef
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  • Art of Cooking (AS)
  • Culinary Arts (BA)
  • Culinary Arts Level 1 (C)
  • And more...

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  • Applied Nutrition
  • Culinary Arts
  • Baking and Pastry Arts
  • And more...
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